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Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables

Summary of Lessons

Keys to Spelling




Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables  (for beginners)

Workbook for native and non-native speakers.  (PDF format workbook licensed by this author for use under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International)

Page Activities

  • Identify the key word sound in pictures.  (Beginners)
  • Identify words with the sound. (Beg. – Int.)
  • Review Spelling Patterns: Common→Uncommon
  • Write the word in the picture. (Beginners)
  • Complete the word in the sentence. (Beginners)
  • Complete the word in the sentence/paragraph. (Beginners)
  • Find the misspellings in the paragraph. (Beg. – Int.)
  • Change word forms with suffixes. (Beg. – Int.)
  • Compare homonyms and words with final "e".
  • Write visual descriptions of pictures. (Beg. – Int.)

Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables

Workbook Pages(Download and Print)

Introduction Introduction to Speller (345KB PDF)

cakeLesson 1—Long a as in "cake" /keɪk/ (1.6MB PDF)

catLesson 2—Short a as in "cat" /kæt/ (1.6MB PDF)

teaLesson 3—Long e as in "tea" /ti/ (1.7MBPDF)

bedLesson 4—Short e as in "bed" /bɛd/ (1.2MB PDF)

pieLesson 5—Long i as in "pie" /paɪ/ (4.11MB PDF)

pigLesson 6—Short i as in "pig" /pɪg/ (1.85MB PDF)

homeLesson 7—Long o as in "home" /hom/ (1.6MB PDF)

hotdogLesson 8—Short o as in "hotdog" /ˈhɒtˌdɔg / (2.4MB PDF)

blueberriesLesson 9 – Long u as in "blue" /blu/ (1.6 MB PDF)

sunLesson 10 – Short u as in "sun" /sʌn/ (1.65 MB PDF)

bookLesson 11 – Lax u as in "book" /bʊk/ (1.1 MB PDF)

toysLesson 12—Diphthong oi as in "toys" /tɔɪz/

cowLesson 13—Diphthong ow as in "cow" /kɑʊ/  

banana*Lesson 14— /ə/  as in "banana" /bəˈnæn ə/   (*under revision)

desert dessertLesson 15—Commonly Misspelled Words  (2.8 MB PDF)

Commonly Misspelled Word List  (148K PDF)

Illustrations by Chelsea Martinez (are marked in "Image Credits".)

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