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Chapter Review

Summary of Practices



Chapter Review

Ch 6-8 Agreement: chapter review – Singular - Plural Agreement


If one of the (baby) _____ (cry) call one of the (nurse) ___.


Ch 12 Noun Clauses: chapter review– Noun Clauses

computer maze

Do you know ___________?
(where will the meeting be / where the meeting will be)  


Ch 13 Adj Clauses: chapter review– Adjective Clauses

Kiddie TV

The commercials that you see on television____ aimed at children.

(is, are)  


Ch 16-19 Adverb Phrases: chapter review– Adverbial Phrases & Other

Not a hands-free device

I saw that the driver was not only yelling at her kids but also she _________.

(talked on her mobile phone, was talking on her mobile phone)   



Ch 19 Connectors: chapter review– Sentence Connectors and Coordinators


________ I knew Jill's phone number, I couldn't think of it when Jack asked me.

(Because, Even though, Even)  


Ch 20 Conditionals: chapter review–Conditional and Hypothetical Sentences


My driving depends on whether I have enough money for gas.

I drive _______ money for gas.

(if I will have, if I would have, if I have)