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Reported Speech Quiz

Express quoted speech as reported speech



Interview with a Marathon Runner

REPORTER: Congratulations on winning the marathon. How long have you been preparing for this race?

RUNNER:   Thank you. I've been training about five years, running twelve miles, three times a week.

REPORTER: Why do you like to run?

RUNNER:   I haven't always been a runner.  I started running when my doctor told me I was over-weight and needed to improve my over-all health.  At first, it was hard to go a few miles, but now, I'm in better shape, and I love it.  I can't wait to get out in the morning and run.

REPORTER: What is your favorite part of a marathon?

RUNNER: You might expect me to answer "crossing the finish line", but actually it's when I get to the 20-mile point of the race.  I think I can't go on, and then I do!  That's my most challenging moment.  It's mind over matter.

REPORTER: Are you planning to run more marathons in the near future?

RUNNER: Yes, I am looking forward to running one in Seattle next month.

REPORTER: Can you give me some advice about getting in shape?

RUNNER: Well, I guess I would tell you to keep moving.  Eat healthy food and keep moving.

REPORTER: Wonderful! Thank you for talking to us today and please thank your coach as well. Get some rest!

RUNNER: Thank you. I'm honored to be here on your show.  

challenging (Adj) – difficult

in shape (phrasal expr.) – good health

look forward to (phrasal expr.) – wait for eagerly, await with pleasure

marathon (N) – a race of 26.2 miles;

mind over matter (expression) – the mind is more powerful than the body

over-all (Adj) – general, covering everything




Change the interview above to reported speech.  Pay attention to tense, pronoun, and adverb agreement.


The reporter asked ________. 
The runner replied that _______________. 
Next, the reporter asked him ____________. 
The runner said ____________.  
He added that __________ to get out in the morning and run.  
Next, the reporter asked him ___________
The marathoner replied ______________to the 20-mile mark in the marathon race.  
He added ___________________.   
The reporter inquired _____________more marathons in the near future. 
The athlete answered ___________________.  
The reporter asked ________________ about getting back in shape. 
The athlete advised ___________________.  
The reporter thanked him and _________ his coach as well. 
The reporter suggested that _______________ some rest. 
The athlete responded ___________________. 
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