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Present Tense: Measurement (static verb / stative verb)

Indicate weight, distance, height or count



States of Measurement vs. Measuring Activity


A static verb indicates a state. The verbs below are states of "equvalence" (measures, weighs, equals, costs, etc. ) indicating howwe measure or count something.  A static verb usually takes the nonprogressive verb form. 

The Golden Gate Bridge measures 8,981 feet long. (equals)

The Golden Gate towers reaches 746 feet into the air.

The Eiffel Tower weighs 6,400 metric tons.

The weight of the span equals the weight of one tower.

The Golden Gate Bridge costs two dollars the cross.

The repairs add up to more than 10 million dollars this year.

We owe the bank some money.

The United States consists of 50 states.

The pool contains 15,000 gallons of water.

The book includes several good solutions.


A dynamic verb indicates an activity that we take action to do or perform. The verbs below take a progressive or a nonprogressive verb form. The dynamic verb meaning differs slightly from the static verb meaning.

The tailor is measuring the gentleman for his new suit. 

The firemen are reaching the child on the roof. 

The grocer is weighing the apples on a scale.  


These mistakes are costing us a lot of money. 

The bridge director is adding up the costs for repair.   



The police contained the crowd in a small area. 

The author included several ideas in his book. 


See Static Verbs with Intransitive and Transitive Forms







Common Mistakes

Errors & Solutions




Error and Solution


weighing a baby

The baby is weighing ten pounds already.


How much is this costing?

 (Verb use depends on what "this" is.)


A nurse is weighing a baby

The baby weighs ten pounds.  (static)

The nurse is weighing the bably.  (dynamic)

How much does this cost (static – a fixed price)

How much is this construction costing us?  (dynamic – a rising amount)






Practice 1

Stative versus Dynamic




Present or present progressive?

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