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31 May 2020 — Haven't heard who


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— What's the name of her successor?

I haven't heard who's she's selected.


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I haven't heard who's she's selected.


I haven't heard whose she selected.


I haven't heard who she's selected.


I haven't heard who she selected.


I haven't heard who's taking her place.



genitive determiner (marker before a noun)— i.e., his name, her name, whose name, etc. See Determiner List.

genitive pronoun (takes the place of a noun) — i.e., It's his, her, ours, whose?, etc. See Genitive Determiner vs. Pronoun

successor (N) – person who follows (is next in line for) taking a job title or position.

whose (pronoun) – (1) possessive determiner for who. Whose dog is barking? (2) relative genitive pronoun: The man whose dog is barking is upset. (3) connective genitive pronoun: I don't know whose dog is barking. (4) something belonging to an unknown person. Whose is barking? (the noun "dog" is understood from context, earlier mention). See Comparison of Wh- Pronoun Uses.



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