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15 Aug 2021 — A little bit


What does "a little bit" express in this context?



“Gig workers — after becoming essential workers during the pandemic — were not given classification for something like health care. We saw a little bit of a dramatic reaction to it,” she says.. — source


Read all the options.


We saw a little bit of a dramatic reaction to it.


(speaker is avoiding controversy)

We saw (pardon my saying) a dramatic reaction to it.


We saw (an excessively) dramatic reaction to it.



  • a bit (quantity expression/ degree adverb) – a small amount or degree; a little, slightly (before an adjective or adverb) It was a bit difficult. He acted a bit strangely. Modifiers of small degree are not usually used with words expressing a high degree (e.g., *a bit triumphant, a *bit damaged, *a bit fanatical, *a bit razor-sharp)
  • a bit of (quant expr., modifier) – a small amount of (before a noncount noun) We had a bit of difficulty. "some"
  • a bit of a (quant expr., modifier) – slightly (adjective + count noun) It was a bit of a difficult problem. He's a bit of a fool. "in some ways"
  • classification (N) – in this example, an employment class or title that is able to receive benefits such as healthcare and time off
  • controversy (N) – subject or topic about which people may have strongly differing opinions
  • dramatic (Adj) – behavior that is intended to be impressive so that people notice; highly effective; striking
  • essential (Adj) – necessary, needed
  • figurative expression (NP) – a word group that takes on a new meaning that is different from the individual dictionary meaning of each word in the group (e.g., He's off and at 'em. "energized")
  • gig workers (N pl.) – people who work for tech companies or in support of tech companies


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