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1 Sep 2019 — Trial and error


How would you edit this?



Hydroponic Tomatoes

— How did you grow them?

We trialed and erred the process.


Select one or more options.


We trialed and erred the process.


We trialed and errored the process.


We experimented with and adjusted the process.


We developed the process by trial and error.



develop (V) – find something, by working hard, that did not exist before

discover (V) – find something, often by chance, that already exists

err (V) – miscalculate, stray, stumble

error (N) – mistake (make a mistake)

try (V) – test, experiment (try out)

trial (N) – a temporary period of testing whether something is suitable or not.


REFERENCE  (word use corpus)


"1rst Branded Tomato in Greece - PRIMA" by Christos D. Katsanos. Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 . Accessed 30 Aug 2019.   

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