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20 Sep 2009 — Strongly


How would you improve this sentence? 

I feel stongly about this issue.

I feel stongly about this issue.


Select one or more options and read the feedback.




I feel strong about this issue.


I feel strongly about this issue.


I am feeling strongly about this issue.



feel – 5. have an opinion [transitive not usually in progressive] to have a particular opinion, especially one that is based on your feelings, not on facts
feel (that); Some of the parents felt the school wasn't doing enough about bullying. — LDOCE Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

feel – 2 a : to be conscious of an inward impression, state of mind, or physical condition
b : to have a marked sentiment or opinion <feels strongly about it> — Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

feel – 14 intr. To have the sensibilities excited; esp. to have sympathy with, compassion for (a person, his sufferings, etc.).— Oxford English Dictionary