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Solution - lightbulb27 Nov. 2022 — Rise & Raise

Woman, arms crossed, standing near a table in a restaurant

Restaurant owners have raising costs and demands, which many of them cannot easily manage.

Solution - lightbulb30 Oct. 2022 — Why ever

People conversing in a room

Why ever are you voting for that candidate?

Solution - lightbulb16 Oct. 2022 — Something

Stalks of wheat in a field

We saw strange something at the haunted house.

Solution - lightbulb25 Sep. 2022 — Due to

Stalks of wheat in a field

Wheat is becoming difficult to find due to the destruction of wheat fields in Ukraine and the drought in wheat growing regions of the world.

Solution - lightbulb5 Sep. 2022 — Since a long time

Neighborhood flooded with water

My family has been living here since a long time and we've never seen a flood like this one.

Solution - lightbulb20 Aug. 2022 — Were it to be

Lightening in a dark sky.

It would be a lot of trouble for the ex-president were it* to be released. (*It refers to a legal document.)

Solution - lightbulb31 July 2022 — Distant Past

Drone view of a shark in water near beach

When I was growing up, we had gone to the beach without worrying about sharks. But now, we have to be extremely watchful.

Solution - lightbulb18 July 2022 — Infinitive Perfect Form

Boy dressed in a magician costume with a wand and hat

Ren wants to show me his magic trick. But he seems to lost his rabbit.

Solution - lightbulb3 July 2022 — At One Point

A session of the United Nations

At one point in his speech at the UN, he had raised the point that he wanted all nations to do more.

Solution - lightbulb20 June 2022 — Is Being

Judge sitting at his desk using his laptop.

Mr. Bourne is supposed to appear in court today, but he is being stubborn.

Solution - lightbulb5 June 2022 — Has got (to)

Man sitting on a bench holding his head in despairg

He doesn't know what he wants to do. But he gots to get gone.

Solution - lightbulb22 May 2022 — Never

Three men in an office meeting

Never I recommended that he moved his office to Los Angeles. He chose it himself.

Solution - lightbulb9 May 2022 — Could v. Be Able

Woman working from home

I asked them to call me on Zoom yesterday because I knew that I couldn’t be able to go to the office. (Zoom is video conferencing software)

Solution - lightbulb24 Apr 2022 — Stance

Shushing face emoji

Hiya! I'm doing well. Next week I'm going to accept a new job offer. After I sign on, I will give two-weeks notice to my boss. 🤫

Solution - lightbulb10 Apr 2022 — Denials


The greater the evidence — photos, videos, eye-witness accounts, the stronger denials.

Solution - lightbulb20 Mar 2022 — Boring

Giveaway of child-sized bed

I was so boring. My organic chemistry textbook was too complex for me to follow.

Solution - lightbulb6 Mar 2022 — To whomever

Giveaway of child-sized bed

I am offering for free a child-sized bed and mattress to whomever wants it.

(Message on a neighborhood discussion board.)

Solution - lightbulb20 Feb 2022 — To maintaining

Low amount of water in reservoir due to drought

Severe Drought Leaves Reservoirs Low!

Think of three solutions to maintaining a household with less water.

Solution - lightbulb6 Feb 2022 — Has taken place

TV screenshot of Olympic Ice Skating

We watched the Olympics on TV, but missed ice skating. The ice skating event has taken place earlier than we expected.

Solution - lightbulb23 Jan 2022 — Recall locking

Holding keys

Mario recalls locking the door

Mario recalls _______ the door.

Solution - lightbulb9 Jan 2022 — It seems like

COVID Cases & Deaths - Santa Clara County

Omicron is so contagious that it seems like everyone is getting sick.