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Solution - lightbulb19 Dec 2021 — Only now

A person driving

Only now I understand the value of staying in school and getting a good education.

Solution - lightbulb5 Dec 2021 — Drive Safe

A person driving

"You guys ready? Are you sure you've got everything? Drive safe."

"We all say it. Chevy can help you do it." — Chevrolet Ad Campaign

Solution - lightbulb21 Nov 2021 — A Combination

LiveCam of poor air quality over freeway in Lafayette, CA

With no major wildfires burning anywhere near the Bay Area, a widespread decline in air quality levels… left some in the region perplexed.… Meteorologists said a combination of factors was to blame.

Solution - lightbulb7 Nov 2021 — Return back

Electric vehicle driver

Jack had to return back to Rowlings, Wyoming. The reason was because at his rate of speed his battery charge would not be sufficient enough to reach the nearest charging station in Casper. The end result was that he spent an hour of time charging before continuing on.

Solution - lightbulb24 Oct 2021 — Puns

Two walkers and two dogs wearing raincoats in the rain.

We take the dogs for a walk everyday weather or not it rains.

Solution - lightbulb10 Oct 2021 — Related Times

Blue Angels air show San Francisco Oct. 2021

Crowds gathered on San Francisco Bay Area balconies, beaches, boats and piers as they watched the Blue Angels fly over the bay in a spectacular air show celebrating Fleet Week.

Solution - lightbulb26 Sep 2021 — Politics

Colleagues gesticulating near window in an office

A friend notes that politics has begun to feel like an arena where many people can process and regulate their emotional turmoil indirectly.

Solution - lightbulb12 Sep 2021 — Got off of

People in a gray train

Phillip was so tired that he couldn't remember which train he got off of. So it was unlikely he would ever find his coat again.

Solution - lightbulb29 Aug 2021 — What Phrase

Taliban in Kabul Aug. 2021

What we are trying to find out is were there any casualties?

Solution - lightbulb15 Aug 2021 — A little bit

Protesters marching with signs

"Gig workers — after becoming essential workers during the pandemic — were not given classification for something like health care. We saw a little bit of a dramatic reaction to it,” she says…

Solution - lightbulb1 Aug 2021 — To him

Brother thinking "hmm"

After John Smith passed away, the executor carried out the terms of the will. His daughter was sent a check for $250,000 and to his son was delivered a gold watch.

Solution - lightbulb18 Jul 2021 — Affected/Effected

Flooded City

Before now, we had not seen flooding on a scale so severe that it could affect/effect the relocation of the city to higher ground.

Solution - lightbulb4 Jul 2021 — A lot of

Dog food

A lot of dog food products is/are made from by-products of the meat industry.

Solution - lightbulb20 Jun 2021 — Is to

US Postal Truck

The U.S. Postal Service is to deliver mail Friday and Saturday, despite the new Juneteenth federal holiday.

June 19th holiday was signed into law June 17th.

Solution - lightbulb5 Jun 2021 — Disinterested

Bored child surrounded by toys

Aiden has become disinterested in his toys. He wants to play with friends.

Solution - lightbulb23 May 2021 — Most of

Cafe society, Valetta

Here, most of people are vaccinated, so we're not worried about getting ill.

Solution - lightbulb9 May 2021 — Exciting

Pamila and Her Son

I'm exciting because I get to see my nephew this weekend.

Solution - lightbulb25 Apr 2021 — Like I Was

Man playing with his dog, Jackson.

Jackson was injured in a car accident like I was, but we both recovered. Afterwards, it was like nothing had happened to us.

Solution - lightbulb11 Apr 2021 — The Economy

Outdoor Diners and Shoppers

The economy is starting to recover because people receive their vaccinations and return to the workplace.

Solution - lightbulb28 Mar 2021 — Whilst

International Olympic Committee encourages vaccination

Whilst not a prerequisite to participation, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it would still encourage and assist individual countries to vaccinate their teams ahead of arrival.

Solution - lightbulb14 Mar 2021 — Her and I's

Bachelor gives rose to contestant on show

Her and I's relationship is getting stronger every time we meet.

Solution - lightbulb28 Feb 2021 — Catch up

Vaccine supply

In order to catch up with vaccinations that were postponed, medical centers will extend their hours and reschedule appointments.

Solution - lightbulb14 Feb 2021 — Arrive

Chickens in the yard

I visited my friends' house last weekend. This flock of chickens appeared just a few minutes after I have arrived at their house.

Solution - lightbulb31 Jan 2021 — Newest

Puppy Love

May I introduce you?

Her name is Coco, is 9 weeks old and is the new member of our family.

Solution - lightbulb17 Jan 2021 — Not only

Woman receiving vaccination

Not only does each vaccination mean one less person is in danger; it also means one person less likely to transmit the coronavirus to someone else.

Solution - lightbulb4 Jan 2021 — 2021

Woman in yellow sweater

2021, people hope, will be a year to recover and resume gatherings with family and friends, when we receive the Covid-19 vaccine.