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Solution - lightbulb14 Dec 2020 — Misses (Mrs.)

Woman selecting bananas

Misses, excuse me. Are these bananas ripe yet?

Solution - lightbulb29 Nov 2020 — Long Haul

Patient struggling to recover from COVID-19

For months after patients test positive for COVID-19, they struggle to become well. They call themselves "long haulers" because they are in it for the long haul.

Solution - lightbulb15 Nov 2020 — Eleven Million

COVID 19 Virus graph from Nov 15, 2020

Eleven million has been reached! The United States has recorded this unimaginable number of COVID-19 cases, more than any other country in the world.

Solution - lightbulb1 Nov 2020 — Stream of Consciousness

Man wearing face mask.

There's also studies showing a community that was exposed to wildfire smoke, the influenza rate that fall was worse.

Solution - lightbulb18 Oct 2020 — The higher

Moraga, CA grassfire, 11 Oct. 2020

The higher the temperatures and the winds, the more the wildfires.

Solution - lightbulb4 Oct 2020 — Much too

Northern California sky during wildfires, Sept. 2020.

There's much too much smoke in the sky. We've had all the windows closed for much too many days now.

Solution - lightbulb20 Sep 2020 — Journey

A wide, open road disappears into distant mountains.

On our journey to have a child, we hit more than a few hurdles.

Solution - lightbulb6 Sep 2020 — Whosever

Parent stress

Whosever's microphone is on, please turn it off.

Solution - lightbulb24 Aug 2020 — Thunder & Lightning

Parent stress

Thunder & lightning, wildfires, choking air, COVID-19, civil unrest — and an ASTEROID is heading our way right before election day!!

Solution - lightbulb9 Aug 2020 — Parental Stress

Parent stress

The pandemic has put a lot of stress on working parents without childcare. This has forced a number of parents to leave their jobs.

Solution - lightbulb26 July 2020 — Come to be

Valley of Love, Cappadoccia, Turkey

Dare I ask how those rock formations were being shaped that way?

Solution - lightbulb12 July 2020 — Why to

Cloth face masks

— I'm taking my mask off. It's making me hot.

— Why to take a chance?

Solution - lightbulb28 June 2020 — Fireworks

Fireworks in the night sky

Hundreds of people have called to complain about illegal fireworks noise, which begins at dusk and carries on until dawn.

Solution - lightbulb14 June 2020 — Besides

Jet flying overhead

There are several reasons why we can't travel now, and besides there's a pandemic.

Solution - lightbulb31 May 2020 — Haven't heard who


— What's the name of her successor?

— I haven't heard who's she's selected

Solution - lightbulb17 May 2020 — Someone that she knew's

School librarian performing a the subject of a book online.

It was chicken day, so she borrowed someone that she knew’s chickens and put on a chicken skit. —School librarian inspires kids during quarantine

Solution - lightbulb3 May 2020 — Since 1984

Dr. Fauci attending a meeting.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is an American physician and immunologist, and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984.

Solution - lightbulb19 Apr 2020 — Letter Collision

Masks in a decontamination room

The hospital administrator remarked that masks were in such short supply that each night used masks had to be taken to a decontamination room and cleaned. Then, the masks had to be removed, remarked with the date, and returned to the hospital staff for reuse before they could reenter patients' rooms.

Solution - lightbulb29 Mar 2020 — Explained

Dr. Fauci explaining stay at home strategy.

Dr. Fauci explained us why we have to stay home if we want to flatten the curve of new COVID-19 cases.

Solution - lightbulb15 Mar 2020 — Six Feet

Long line at pharmacy

The Minister of Health recommends six-feet distance between people standing in line.

Solution - lightbulb1 Mar 2020 — One of

Cruise Ship

The woman was one of the passengers who was quarantined for nearly a month on a cruise ship.

Solution - lightbulb16 Feb 2020 — Almost Just

women playing lacrosse

It is the same sport but the rules are different. We are talking about girls’ and boys’ lacrosse The girl’s game is less physical, but their concussion rate is almost just as high.

Solution - lightbulb2 Feb 2020 — Don't Fall


At first you fall, and then you learn how to don’t fall.

Solution - lightbulb19 Jan 2020 — Furniture

livingroom furniture

We had to sell all our furnitures when we moved from New York. We bought new ones when we got to California.

Solution - lightbulb5 Jan 2020 — Wonder

Wild fire in California

If things keep going the way they are going, one day we'll be wondering about if we should have done something differently.