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Solution - lightbulb 22 Dec. 2019 — According to

Snow Plowing at the Lakeshore, Michigan

We could be in for the snowiest winter on record according to what meteorologists said.

Solution - lightbulb 8 Dec. 2019 — Get something done

A Victorian Christmas Tree

Today, I have got my tree decorated, and it looks beautiful.

Solution - lightbulb 24 Nov. 2019 — Has yet to

Child with arms crossed

The child has yet to tell us what happened.

Solution - lightbulb 10 Nov. 2019 — My children's father

A family in silhouette

The father of my children his mother left him with his dad at the age of 7. They were never married just a one night thing.

Solution - lightbulb 27 Oct. 2019 — My father says

A woman shopping for produce

Crystal, whom my father says graduated from business school, runs a successful food delivery service.

Solution - lightbulb 14 Oct. 2019 — Though

Mother and child with phone

I know you want me to let you play with my phone. I'd like you to make me a promise though.

Solution - lightbulb 1 Oct. 2019 — In its present from

A wiser from of Twitter

I’ll be very surprised if Twitter, in its present form, exists in ten years.

Solution - lightbulb 15 Sep. 2019 — From…to…

SF Transit Center Walkway

From 300 to 500 square feet housing units are being built near the downtown transit center. These tiny apartments are expected to be snapped up quickly.

Solution - lightbulb 1 Sep. 2019 — Trial and errred

Hydroponic Tomatoes

— How did you grow them?

We trialed and erred the process.

Solution - lightbulb17 Aug. 2019 — Data

No violence no hate speech

The current data on the economy indicates that a recession is near.

Solution - lightbulb4 Aug. 2019 — Whether it (be)

No violence no hate speech

The sheer evilness of it, whether it is hate speech or violence, is making us very pessimistic about our future as a nation.

Solution - lightbulb21 July 2019 — Feel a little bit badly

A politician speaking

I feel a little bit badly about this.

Solution - lightbulb7 July 2019 — People's concerns

Mayor London Breed

People's concerns were addressed by London Breed, mayor of San Francisco.

Solution - lightbulb23 June 2019 — Two thirds

Solar Farm

Two thirds of the population favor the development of solar energy farms.

Solution - lightbulb9 June 2019 — Student’s book

Student and Teacher Books

Did you order the student's book or the teacher's book of Easy English?

Solution - lightbulb26 May 2019 — The more

Flooded Homes

The more rain, the higher water.

Solution - lightbulb12 May 2019 — If Olivia would

Person operating a computer

If Olivia would get a new computer, Noah would set it up for her.

Solution - lightbulb28 Apr 2019 — Him making

Judge's Gavel

The judge will let him free in exchange for him making some public service announcements.

Solution - lightbulb14 Apr 2019 — Politically charged

Old blue bathroom from the sixties

In this time of politically-charged conflict, the most violent TV series in history has become relief-entertainment.

Solution - lightbulb31 Mar 2019 — Friends of us

Old blue bathroom from the sixties

Friends of us in the neighborhood are planning a bathroom remodel.

Solution - lightbulb17 Mar 2019 — Lie/Lay

Two women lying down outside with sunglasses

Let's lie/lay down in the sun for a few minutes.

Solution - lightbulb3 Mar 2019 — Awhile

Taxi cabs stuck in traffic.

We've been here for awhile. The traffic hasn't moved. 

Solution - lightbulb17 Feb 2019 — Lay Blame


Why is it that whenever there is a natural disaster, people look for someone to lay blame it on?

Solution - lightbulb3 Feb 2019 — King's story

Stephen King, author

Stephen King's short story "Gramma" (1985) was the basis for the movie Mercy (2014). Another Stephen King's story The Body (1982) was the basis for the film Stand By Me (1986).

Solution - lightbulb15 Jan. 2019 — With whomever

President Barack Obama holds a baby

Except for her mother, the child was uncomfortable with whomever held her.

Solution - lightbulb2 Jan. 2019 — New Years

Supermoon comparison

We wish you a Happy New Years!