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Solution - lightbulb16 Dec 2018 — Job Hopping

Young man and woman at an office table

Young people, 18 to 25, spend fewer than two years in a job — a shorter period than the previous generation at the same age.

Solution - lightbulb1 Dec 2018 — Knickers (cattle)

Knickers -- a very large steer

Knickers, a 6-foot-4-inch cattle in Australia, went unsold at an auction for slaughter because potential buyers said he wouldn’t fit in their farm equipment.

Solution - lightbulb12 Nov 2018 — Literally Laying Down

Wildfire Fighter

Wildfire fighters working under the most difficult conditions are literally laying down their lives to save others.

Solution - lightbulb28 Oct 2018 — Affects

Dow Jones stock average on Oct. 29, 2018

The Dow tumbles 200 points in a wild session as we watch the affects of the tariffs on our economy.  — news headlines

Solution - lightbulb14 Oct 2018 — Be Best (slogans & ad campaigns)

Melania Trump Announcing Her Initiative

"Be Best"

Melania Trump's initiative to keep children happy and healthy in today’s world. — source

Solution - lightbulb30 Sep 2018 — Like

Pericles' Funeral Oration

“For like is well-disposed to like. Accordingly, the Athenians prefer those sympathetic to themselves,” the Old Oligarch noted. — source

Solution - lightbulb16 Sep 2018 — Lists

A "nest" of Bird dockless scooters on the sidewalk in San Jose, California

Companies such as Uber, Lyft, Bird and Lime used an “ask forgiveness, not permission” approach to establishing their businesses. 

The playbook was simple: Swarm a town with your service, grow really big really fast, win over lots of customers, and enlist them as allies in lobbying to allow your business to operate. Not on that game plan: getting a go-ahead from civic leaders before rolling things out.

Solution - lightbulb26 Aug 2018 — Smells good

Red Female Bloodhound Juvenile

My dog is a bloodhound; she smells good.

Solution - lightbulb12 Aug 2018 — Only if

Littered Beach

Only if humanity heeds the science, reverses course and lives within earth’s natural limits, can disaster be avoided.

Solution - lightbulb29 July 2018 — Whataboutism

Fingers pointing at each other

You waste your entire day playing video games.

What about you with your face glued to your phone screen?

Solution - lightbulb15 July 2018 — Wonder

Man shrugging

I always wondered how did I ever came up with it?

Solution - lightbulb30 June 2018 — Self-service


The cost of living in San Francisco has risen so much that some restaurants are changing to a self-serve business model because they can no longer afford it.

Solution - lightbulb17 June 2018 — Kicking

Suspect caught on video

Kicking Homeless Person Arrest

(TV headline for upcoming story)

Solution - lightbulb3 June 2018 — Waterfalls

Visitors at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

It had never occurred to him or I that the waterfalls would be so loud that we couldn't even hear each other shouting.

Solution - lightbulb22 May 2018 — Neither…nor

Monkey selfie in copyright dispute

In August 2014, the US Copyright Office ruled that neither the monkey who took the selfie nor the photographer who set up the camera own the copyright to the photo.

Solution - lightbulb6 May 2018 — Critical Analysis

Social media world communication

It is important that we analyze and criticize the information that we find on the Internet. (Br-Eng. – analyse, criticise)

Solution - lightbulb22 Apr. 2018 — Set a Goal

Cylist with a spectacular view

You need to set a goal, be curious, tenacious, challenging yourself outside your comfort zone.

Solution - lightbulb8 Apr. 2018 — Crisis

Migrants attempting to cross the border

The situation is reaching a point of crisis.

Solution - lightbulb25 Mar. 2018 — One of the only

Boy catching a ball

She is one of the only students who is speaking out.

Solution - lightbulb11 Mar. 2018 — For a while

Boy catching a ball

He was catching the ball for a while.

Solution - lightbulb25 Feb. 2018 — Yet

Greeks at 2018 Winter Olympics

Greece didn't win a medal in the Winter Olympics yet.

Solution - lightbulb11 Feb. 2018 — By the time

Shaun White performing a quadruple turn

By the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Shaun White could perform back-to-back 1440s—a frontside double cork 1440 and a cab double cork 1440.

Solution - lightbulb28 Jan. 2018 — Talking Climate

California Governor Brown

California Governor Brown talks about climate change to whomever will listen.

Solution - lightbulb14 Jan. 2018 — Think poorly

Developing countries

But the president is not alone in thinking so poorly of the developing world.

Solution - lightbulb7 Jan. 2018 — Most Super

Supermoon comparison

This moon is the most super of the supermoons that will occur this winter!