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Solution - lightbulb25 Dec. 2016 — Self-driving Car

Sergei Brin shows John Kerry a self-driving car.

You can't be reading the newspaper while operating this vehicle. You, like, have to pay attention to the road.

Solution - lightbulb11 Dec. 2016 — Critical Thinking

Doh! Man hitting his forehead, expressing frustration.

People except whatever they read on the internet as truth; they don't apply their critical thinking skills.

Solution - lightbulb27 Nov. 2016 — Musical Styles

Bob Dylan plays a guitar and sings into a microphone

Bob Dylan's musical genres include folk and rock and roll and rhythm and blues and country and gospel.

Solution - lightbulb30 Oct. 2016 — Such an election

Nike Winged Victory

Never have I seen such an election that the winner was the loser and the loser was the winner.


Solution - lightbulb30 Oct. 2016 — If "whenever"

Father and son talking

If he wanted to know the truth, I was telling him the truth.



(This is an example, not an actual quote.)


Solution - lightbulb16 Oct. 2016 — Result "so"


He made the text bigger so we could read it.


Solution - lightbulb2 Oct. 2016 — One another

caricature of candidates

The candidates disagree with one another on immigration.


Solution - lightbulb18 Sep. 2016 — Look forward / (be) used

Man waiting for chess opponent to make a move.

We're looking forward to see what he does next; he's used to get what he wants.


Solution - lightbulb4 Sep. 2016 — It seems

A confused teen

It seems me as odd that they would ask me to wait here so long.


Solution - lightbulb21 Aug. 2016 — Over-exaggerate

A guy "talking big" with his hands

OK. So I over-exaggerated the situation a little bit.



(This is an example, not an actual quote.)


Solution - lightbulb7 Aug. 2016 — Themself

Rio da Janeiro coastline

Everyone should protect themself from getting the Zika virus by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and insect repellent.


Solution - lightbulb17 July 2016 — With a truck

Promenade des Anglais, Nice

A deranged man mowed down a crowd of people with a truck watching fireworks.


Solution - lightbulb17 July 2016 — The sign said

Pedestrian Advice in Silicon Valley

The sign said stop posting your problems on Facebook. Go to a bar like everyone else.


Solution - lightbulb12 June 2016 — If…to

floral funeral wreath

If we are to overcome this, we must pull together.


Solution - lightbulb29 May 2016 — Arrive

Car arriving at beach

You cannot arrive until the beach with a car.


Solution - lightbulb15 May 2016 — Myself

Student worker

I divided the work up among Ben, Matt and myself.


Woman talking on phone

I [have received / received] the results, but I haven't shared them with anyone.


Solution - lightbulb16 Apr. 2016 — Fruits

Fruit and vegetable market

We're out of fruits. We have to buy some.


Solution - lightbulb04 Apr. 2016 — Proud

Man standing alone by a lake.

I'm really proud of him for completing the Hour of Code lesson.


Solution - lightbulb20 Mar. 2016 — In solitude (punctuation)

Man standing alone by a lake.

In solitude we learn to concentrate and imagine to listen to ourselves. We need these skills to be fully present in conversation.


(Turkle 2106)

Solution - lightbulb6 Mar. 2016 — Speaking in general

Mobile phone user

The new technology has made the life comfortable. The mobile phone is just one example.


Solution - lightbulb20 Feb. 2016 — Already or Yet

A woman talking on a mobile phone

Has your baby arrived already/yet?




(This is an example, not an actual quote.)


Solution - lightbulb7 Feb. 2016 — Cleft (Split) Sentences

Surfer on a huge wave at Mavericks Beach

Andy is one who searches for extreme conditions.

Solution - lightbulb24 Jan. 2016 —Double Possessive


Jack and I's relationship is strong.

Solution - lightbulb10 Jan. 2016 —It's better…

Shopper Traffic

It's better for you can write in English.