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Solution - lightbulb27 Dec 2015 — "Singular they"


Student in class

Everyone knows that he must keep up with his assignments.

Solution - lightbulb13 Dec 2015 — Guy in a coffee shop


Guy in a coffee shop

There's a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table not on his phone not on a laptop just drinking coffee like a psychopath.

Solution - lightbulb29 Nov 2015 — Feel bad/badly


Copying and pasting

Speaking of insecurity, when a customer who feels badly about her appearance tries on something and spots an attractive shopper wearing the same item, she is less likely to buy it.

Solution - lightbulb15 Nov 2015 — Wordplay


Copying and pasting

Sorry. That was a complete faux pas on my copy pastery.

Solution - lightbulb1 Nov 2015 — Confine


Refugee seeking asylum

The Syrian refugees who are confined at a camp in Germany don't know when they will be able to return to their homeland.

Solution - lightbulb18 Oct 2015 — Need


Enthusiastic voters

Anyone who has doubts about democracy needs only spend five minutes talking to the average voter to understand why.

Solution - lightbulb4 Oct 2015 — A big fan


John Oliver (comedian)

I am a big fan of him.

Solution - lightbulb20 Sep 2015 — Automaton


Roving Robot

Knightscope K5, an automaton, recharges by day and patrols by night, it roves, scans, communicates, and sends alerts, it does everything but vacuum!

Solution - lightbulb6 Sep 2015 — How (exclamation)


San Francisco Bay Bridge

Look! How a beautiful day it is!

Solution - lightbulb23 Aug 2015 — Confident



As a presidential candidate, he is outspoken, irreverent, unstudied, __ confident.

Solution - lightbulb9 Aug 2015 — Daughters



"Do you have pet rats? "

"On and off. Right now I have two pets that are my daughters Maggie and Helen."

Solution - lightbulb26 Jul 2015 — Pluto


Pluto's surface

New Horizons has revealed Pluto's mysteries—from his icy exterior to his hugely extended atmosphere.

Solution - lightbulb12 Jul 2015 — One of the vegetables


Squash and vegetables

Squash is one of the vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Solution - lightbulb28 Jun 2015 — Looks like


Colorful dog mural in Valparaiso, Chile

The dog look likes he is walking in the rainbow parade too.

Solution - lightbulb14 Jun 2015 —So many deserts


Cakes and Pies

There were so many deserts to choose from.

Solution - lightbulb17 May 2015 —Too much big


A Centolla Crab (red king crab)

The crabs are too much big that you can't eat one by yourself.

Solution - lightbulb17 May 2015 —Feel bad


Crying Child

I felt really badly for him.

Solution - lightbulb3 May 2015 —Attend to


Interview with conservative politician

If asked, would you attend to a gay wedding?

Solution - lightbulb19 Apr 2015 —Southest


Cape Horn Island Lighthouse

Cape Horn Island has the southest lighthouse in the world.

Solution - lightbulb5 Apr 2015 —Barely


Children playing in a park

"Hey, what happened?  You're late."

"I barely came here!"

Solution - lightbulb8 Mar 2015 —Wood furniture


wood being milled for furniture

The wood furniture is usually made of comes from the Northwest.

Solution - lightbulb22 Feb 2015 —Is to


ADA sign at checkstand

This checkstand to remain open at all times for customers with disabilities.

Solution - lightbulb8 Feb 2015 —Would you


two men stocking shelves in a store

Would you please put these on the shelf?

Solution - lightbulb18 Jan 2015 —Smells badly


a snail and a skunk

Of the snail and the skunk, the skunk is the one that smells badly.

Solution - lightbulb4 Jan 2015 —Should have went


Shopper Traffic

We should have went somewhere else; it's too crowded here.