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Solution - lightbulb7 Dec 2014 —Laying down

Protestors in the street

Protestors were laying down in the street outside the police station.

Solution - lightbulb23 Nov 2014 —Just love


The winner!

I just love how he always comes out ahead.

Solution - lightbulb16 Nov 2014 —Or


Running shoes

You can buy these shoes at Bloomingdale's or Macy's.

Solution - lightbulb2 Nov 2014 —Pressured 


Feeling pressured!ite performance

She makes me pressure!

Solution - lightbulb19 Oct 2014 —10% less issues 


Ups and downs of website performance

With these changes, we expect 10% less issues on our website.

Solution - lightbulb5 Oct 2014 —Comma and 


Comfortable walking shoes

Commuters wear comfortable, lightweight shoes and stick to flats.

Solution - lightbulb21 Sep 2014 —Literally 


Dog relaxing while man bathes him.

I literally had a heart attack when he walked through the door.

Solution - lightbulb14 Sep 2014 —Like you and I 


An ape smiling for a selfie.

Like you and I, apes enjoy selfies.

Solution - lightbulb7 Sep 2014 — Especially 


Robin Williams, comedian

He was an especial person and an especially funny comedian, who was treated specially by everyone who knew him.

Solution - lightbulb22 Aug 2014 — Passive 


Don't shoot sign

Deadly force was used against Michael Brown.

Solution - lightbulb8 Aug 2014 — Missing 


A woman asks

I am missing my keys.  Have you seen them?

Solution - lightbulb22 July 2014 — Effecting change 


Hipster style

Hipsterism is often dismissed as just an image thing by some, but the culture as a whole is effecting changes.

Solution - lightbulb6 July 2014 — Be through 


Brazil and Colombia game

Brazil is through and the Colombians are going home.

— sports announcer's words after the Brazil Colombia game [2 – 1]

Solution - lightbulb22 June 2014 — Negative Cause 


people standing at soccer game

We didn't go to the game because there were no seats left.

Solution - lightbulb8 June 2014 — Gerund Perfect


horses racing

I don't remember have ever seeing such an exciting horse race.

Solution - lightbulb25 May 2014 — In case / If


Iced drinks

Text me in case you need more ice for your party.

Solution - lightbulb11 May 2014 —


Gas station

The price of gas isn't as cheap as in California than Texas.

Solution - lightbulb27 April 2014 — Specifying "be"


Jobs with iPhone

Steve Jobs directed the development and design of several new devices one of which the iPhone is.

Solution - lightbulb13 April 2014 Is believed


Southern Indian Ocean route

The jet is believed flew to the southern Indian Ocean.

Solution - lightbulb30 Mar 2014 — What else?



What else did the storm cause besides flooding?

Except for flooding, the storm blew down several trees and power lines.

Solution - lightbulb16 Mar 2014 — As It Were


an actress

She was pushed or catapulted, as it were, into Hollywood stardom.


Martin Scorsese is both talented and eager to direct movie thrillers.

Solution - lightbulb16 Feb 2014  Letter Plurals


Informal Characters

Using lols, smilies, xs and os are no-nos in formal correspondence.

Solution - lightbulb2 Feb 2014  Not only


Giant slide

Our team not only had to compete against a higher ranked team but also in unfavorable weather.

Solution - lightbulb19 Jan 2014  He who/ Him who


acting award

The best actor award goes to he who gives the best performance. However, sometimes the award goes to him who is most popular.

Solution - lightbulb5 Jan 2014  Misidentified subject


map of pro-cannabis states

California is one of the states that is considering the legalization of marijuana. One of the other states is New York.