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Relative Clause Quiz (Adjective Clause Quiz)

Modify a noun with a clause

Bay to Breaker's runners

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Select the answer which best completes the sentence. 

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Bay to Breakers, ________ , is a marathon race held annually in San Francisco. (Its runners wear hilarious costumes.)
The 12 km race route, ________ , goes from San Francisco Bay across town to the Pacific Ocean. (Most of it is lined with people.)
The word "breakers" refers to the ocean _______. (Its waves break onto the shore.)
Along with the race, there is a giant street party ______. (Some of it takes place before the race.)
At the pre-race gathering, I saw a man ________.   (His costume was a banana.)
The runners __________ gather at the starting line near the Ferry Building at 8:00 a.m. (Their registrations have been received.)
The race officials allowed the serious runners _________ to line up at the start line. (Their T-shirts were numbered from 1 to 100.)
The 2007 event was the first Bay to Breakers race to track the times of individual racers ______. (The racer’s shoes were equipped with timing chips.) chip = device
Painted Ladies (Victorian Houses)The marathon race, _________ , passes by the famous Hayes Street Hill houses. (Its theme is "Painted Ladies".)

painted ladies – a term for "ladies of the night" or in this case the painted old Victorian houses located on Hayes Street.
One man ____ lost his costume half way through the race. All of his balloons popped. 
Another group of women _____ ran by in tight short and t-shirts. (The group name was "Weapons of Mass Distraction", a play on words: destruction - distraction.)
One man ______ ran with a bouquet of flowers over his "privates". (His body was naked.)
The winner __________ ran the 12 km race in 34 minutes and 24 seconds. (His origin is Kenya.)
San Francisco _________ was warm and sunny on the day of the marathon run. (Its weather is often foggy)
Bay to Breakers, also known as B2B, is a crazy event _____ . (Its winner is shown on national news.)
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balloon joggers