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Recognize errors in the use of connectives


Review pages And/ In additionBut/ But still, Because/ Though, Indeed/ Even, After/Before, Rather than



At the Mall

mall parking


Read for Errors

Last weekend my friend and I went to a huge new shopping mall.  We arrived early. But most of stores were crowded. I tried to ask for directions even I couldn't say exactly what I wanted. I know a lot of grammars but is my problem I haven't enough vocabularies. Because I didn't have a map of the shopping mall, so I didn't know where am I.

I talked to a security officer. He explain me where was I and getting to where I wanted to go. Since I was a young child, I often got lost in large shopping areas. Because the officer he gave me a map, I could find my way around. 

I was surprised to see the shopping mall during the holidays. Because there is much decoration, and crowded.   Not only is hard to find parking, but eating place also. In spite of the crowded, we found some good buys and bought several things. We were walking around for a while. After we went home.

We were glad to get home and decide never to go there on the weekend again. We rather shop late on week days than getting caught in weekend crowds again





Select the correct wording.

  1. Select the response from the list that best completes the sentence. 
  2. Compare your response to the feedback by clicking the "check" or "check 1-14" button.


Last weekend my friend and I went to a huge new shopping mall.




Because – commas
I talked to a security officer.

Say & Explain
Because is so crowded, It means that there are no so much parking available.

Not Only  

Because/In spite of + NP 

After, Before, When  

Conjunction types  

Rather than