Present Tense Summary



Quiz 1: beginning – intermediate

Quiz 2: intermediate – advanced 


General Truths


The earth turns 360 degrees every day.

The earth is turning right now. 

Wakes up early 

Simon get up at 6 a.m. everyday.


External link to NASA El Nino site

El Nino is an unusual warming of ocean water.

This weather pattern comes about the time of the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child, "El Nino" – December.





My name is Isabela. (100% permanent)
I am a mother.  (99% permanent)
I am married. (50% permanent)
I work at Children's Hospital in Oakland. (?% permanent)
I am working to get my nursing certification. (temporary)
I am having difficulty.  (temporary)



Greek church

I usually work 9 to 5. He often plays golf on Saturday. We always eat dinner together. Frequently, we have lunch out. We never eat breakfast together.




Helen is jogging around the park right now.

Helen is jogging around the park this morning.


Scheduled Activities (Present & Future)


On Thursday, I assist the librarian at the Public Library. (routine)

I am working at the preschool on Wednesday. (near future, personal plan)

I will get there around noon. (scheduled/ estimated)


Static Verbs

a sleepwalker

He is tired.

He seems tired.

He appears tired.

 (No action involved.)


skunk with a clothes pin on his nose

The skunk smells bad. He stinks!

Sandpaper feels rough.

The soup tastes salty.

*The skunk is smelling bad.  



I think you are correct.
I believe you know what you are talking about.
I like living here.

*How are you liking living here?   (Use nonprogressive.)
I am thinking that . . .   (progressive?)


a babe sitting on a sports car

I have a car.

We own our home.

 (No action involved.)



Baby faces amuse people.
Celebrities impress fans.
Politicians please voters.

 (No action involved.)


Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate bridge measures 8,981 ft. / 2,737 m. long.
The bridge weighs 887,000 tons / 804,700,00 kg.
The towers reach 746 ft. / 227 m high.
The bridge originally cost 35 million dollars in 1927.
Currently, it costs more than twice that to maintain.

 (No action involved.)




After I make tea, we will watch a movie on TV .
I will make tea. Afterward, we'll watch a movie on TV

I will make some tea before we watch a movie on TV.



a man being cornered by an eight ball

This man goes into a bar and he has a few drinks. Then he asks the bartender to play a game of billiards.


Verbs That Take Objects

Jason studies

Jason rises.
Jason raises the blinds.

Jason studies.
Jason studies English.

The glass broke.
Jason broke the glass.

The baby weighs 10 lbs.
The doctor weighed the baby.


A letter

My friend is bringing me a letter.

My friend is bringing a letter to me.

My friend is bringing me it.



Tom *work at a grocery store.

Every day, he *arrive early to do his *chore.


*not used


rope [s]

robes  [z]


driver distraction

A year ago, people weren't much thinking about cell phones but now the voices are getting louder about it.

Dog coming in door

When I call the dog, she comes.

After I call the dog, she comes.

Before I call the dog, I open the door.

After I take the dog out, we'll sit down for a while.

Talking on phone and looking at newborn

When you called, he picked up his cell phone.

While he was talking on the phone, the baby slept.


By the time I leave work, the sun will be setting. (ongoing)

By the time I leave work, the sun will have set. (completed)


*Yellow highlighted words are examples of incorrect usage.