Preposition Summary



Preposition Diagnostic : find grammar points that need review

Preposition Uses / Functions

Preposition Uses: recognize how they function in clauses

Canyon explorer

Under the canyon floor is a stream of water.

Jack is in the middle. (location)

Jack climbed down. (location)

Jack explores with enthusiasm. (manner)

Jack gets up early in order to go climbing. (purpose)




Preposition Phrases for Time & Place

Prepositions for Time: relating temporal information—When?


In the morning is the best time to water plants.

Watering plants was a chore until recently. (Adv)

We water our plants before leaving. (Ger)

We will water them before we leave the house. (clause)

For now, they are fine.

Prepositions for Place: relating locational information—Where?

Bambi Airstream trailer

Inside is a kitchen, bathroom and bed.

The table unfolds in the middle.

The bed is in the back of the trailer. 

Bedding storage is overhead.

The mini-trailer can easily move from place to place.

Paragraph Practice:  using preposition of time and place

gold medalist

Michael Phelps made sports history by winning eight gold medals ___ the 2008 Olympics ___ Beijing, China.

At / In Expressions:  expressing progress within and space within

map location / inside location

She is at school. (location)

She is in school. (enrolled in)

Her father is working in the school.(within the space)

He's in hot water.

During / In: expressing duration vs. exact time


We are on vacation during July.
We went to the beach several times in our stay.

They are on vacation in July.
*They stayed there during July, not during May.

For / Since: Indicating a quantity of time vs. a specific time

Thin Cover Girls

We have been coming to this beach for fifteen years.

We have been coming to this beach since July, 1995.

By the time: view relative progress or completion


By the time I leave work, the sun will be setting. (ongoing)

By the time I leave work, the sun will have set. (completed)

Verb and Preposition Combinations

Adjective w/ Prep: describing emotional reactions 


Jason is anxious about his future.

He would like to be independent of his parents.

He is good at many things.

He is optimistic about his future.


Participle w/ Prep: describing emotional reactions 


The children were interested in hearing his story.

The press was excited about the President's speech.

The President is pleased with the response.

The President is pleased with how the people responded.

Participial Modifier w/ Preposition: pair past-participles with prepositions

Paparazzi camera flash

Celebrities are concerned ____ the activities of the Paparazzi.


Phrasal Verbs: using verbal expressions  (verb + particle)

wolf lets out a howl

Look up. 
Look up the word in the dictionary.

He took his coat off.
He took off his coat. 
The airplane took off.

Verb + Prep Phrase: commenting on activities

overworked man

He talks about leaving.

He accused us of complaining.

He keeps on making trouble.

He worries about making deadlines.

Verb + Prepositional Phrase Practice 1: Stating attitudes, opinions, and intentions about activities


She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer.

She dreamed about becoming a ballet dancer.

Verb + Prepositional Phrase Practice 2: commenting on activities and plans

Studying with Children

I put off going to college.

Instead, I took care of raising my two children.

Verb + Prepositional Phrase Practice 3: commenting on activities and plans


Most people aren't accustomed to working hard.

If you try, you can succeed in doing anything you want.

Ending with a Preposition: placement options

A mismatch on a date

Who did you give your number to?
To whom did you give your number?  very formal

Can you tell me — what kind of person you are interested in?
Can you tell me — in what kind of person you are interested?

The word — that you looked up — is not in my dictionary.
The word — up which you looked — is not in my dictionary.

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For Example: add an example or a clarification

e.g. and i.e.

Calcium is in green leafy vegetables, for example, broccoli, kales, arugula, and spinach.

There is calcium in vegetables such as broccoli, kales, arugula, and spinach.

Cruciferous vegetables (i.e., Brassicaceae) have flowers shaped like a cross.


Gerunds w/ Subjects: expressing attitudes about the activities of others

Fixing door

I thanked him for fixing my door.

I appreciate his fixing my door.

By / With: stating means and method  


You can open it by using a knife.

You can cut the string with a knife.

For + Gerund Clause: stating function


What's it for? for tying boxes.

Why do you use it? to tie boxes.

How do you close boxes? with string / by using string.

Prep + Gerund Clause: stating activities

watching tv

Jason read the manual before beginning the installation.

You can't turn it on without plugging it in.

Jane got it working by using a different cable.

Verbs with Indirect Objects: indicating receivers of actions  (dative verbs)

A letter

My friend is bringing me a letter.

My friend is bringing a letter to me.

My friend is bringing me it.