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14 Jan. 2018 — Think poorly


Is "thinking poorly" correct in this context?


Developing countries

But the president is not alone in thinking so poorly of the developing world. —Roxane Gay

Select and read each option. 



Yes. Keep think poorly. 

But the president is not alone in thinking poorly of the developing world. 


No. Change it to think badly.

But the president is not alone in thinking badly of the developing world.


badly (Adv) – in a defective, insufficient way

esteem (N)  –  favorable opinion or judgment; respect or regard; estimation or valuation

poorly (Adv) – inadequately, insufficiently, unfavorably

poor (Adj) – inadequate, insufficient, unfavorable

poorly (Adj) – unwell, She is looking poorly (informal); low opinion, She thinks poorly of them (standard usage).

regard (N) – thought, concern, respect, estimation

regard (V) –to look upon or think of with a particular feeling; respect or concern for

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