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20 Aug 2017 — Right vs. Over


Which modifier would you use, right or over?


Baseball player

He bunted the ball [right / over] to the pitcher's mound.

Select more than one option. 



He hit the ball right to the pitcher's mound.


He hit the ball over to the pitcher's mound.


He hit the ball right over to the pitcher's mound.


approximate (Adj) nearly exact; not perfectly accurate or correct. The approximate distance was 10 meters.

bunt (V) –  bat a pitched ball very gently so that it rolls into the infield close to home plate, a place that may slow down the other team's ability to recover the ball.

mound (N) – the raised area from which the pitcher throws the ball to the batter.

over (P) – at some distance, in the direction indicated. (Sit down over here. He lives over by the river. The Eiffel Tower is over in Paris. Move it over there.)

right (P) – precisely, exactly, (He is right here.) immediately (He'll be right there.) This modifier occurs more commonly in speech.

perspective (N) – mental viewpoint of a situation. See Deixis.



baseball-player-batter-hitter-688372. By Skeeze, 10 Mar. 2010, Pixabay. CC0. Accessed 8 Aug. 2017.