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21 Aug 2016 — Over-exaggerate


How would you improve this wording?


A guy "talking big" with his hands

OK. So I over-exaggerated the situation a little bit.

Select each option and read the feedback.




OK. So I over-exaggerated the situation a little bit.


OK. So I exaggerated the situation.


OK. So I overstated the situation a little bit.


OK. I lied.


exaggeration (N) — an overstating of a situation.

frank (Adj) —direct and honest, forthright.

hedge (V) — back off from a situation with carefully chosen words; use weasel words; protect oneself with qualifications to a statement to avoid suffering future embarrassment or damage to reputation.

hyperbole (N) — obvious and intentional exaggeration.

weaselweasel words (N) — words that are indirect, ambiguous, misleading or confusing; not frank.

pleonasm (N) — the use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning (e.g., see with one's eyes ), either as a fault of style or for emphasis.

pragmatics (N) — the study of how language relates to context (how our wording is influenced by personal knowledge, cultural beliefs and the person to whom we are talking.)


robotpolisher. "Mike once caught a fish thiiiiis big." Flickr. 12 Apr. 2008,  Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.