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22 Jan 2012 — Five Cattle

How would you improve this sentence?


He has five cattle in the field.






Click the option that improves the sentence.


 (a plural form)

He has five cattles in the field.






   (a large number)

He has five thousand cattle in the field.






(a specific name)

He has five cows in the field.






  (a quantifier)

He has five head of cattle in the field.






Other specific terms for cattle (gender, age, gelding):
bull – an adult male  for breeding, not gelded
bulllock – an adult male whose sex organs have been removed (is gelded)
calves – male or female young offspring
cattle – group term for all, singular or plural
cow – an adult female that has had a calf or two
heifer – a young female that has not yet given birth and is under three
steer – a young male whose sex organs have been removed (is gelded)

See Wikipedia "Cattle"



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