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11 Dec 2011 — Ask us to

Who is doing the activity in the infinitive clause "to help harvest potatoes"?

Paul asked us to help harvest potatoes.
Paul asked us to help harvest potatoes.




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Paul asked  [us to help…]    (Paul asked that we help.)






Paul asked us  [to help…] (Paul asked that he help us.)






Paul asked that anyone (in general) help.






An infinitive clause is one whose verb is reduced to an infinitival form that is no longer marked for tense or number.  The subject is often not included and is either understood to be the subject of the main clause or it is understood from context.  [Ed needs (for Ed) to help.  Ed needs (for) us to help.]

An infinitive clause with a subject – when an infinitive clause does include a subject it is marked with the subordinator for along with a noun or pronoun in the accusative case ("object noun") (e.g., For us to travel is difficult now; It is impossible for them to get a job.)

harvest – to gather a crop of fruit or vegetables from the field




 Solution - lightbulb Verb + Prn + Infinitive  

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