Keyboard Use

Mouse or Keyboard?



You can use your mouse to navigate through the practices.  However, if you are typing your answers, you may find it easier to use the keyboard to advance through the quizzes.  (Firefox for Mac does not yet support this option. Check Preference or Settings for possible updated changes.)


Instructions for tabbing through a page 

tab key Use the tab key to move from one item to the next.    (Backward: Shift+Tab)

   move right    move right



arrow keysUse the down arrow key to scroll to an option.  Return or Enter selects the option.

Use the Tab key to select the list below. Use the arrow keys or use the scroll wheel on your mouse button.





Enter or Return keyUse the enter or return key to select an option.
Use the Tab key to move to the check button. The Return or Enter key selects the option.

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  Use the Tab key to select the Reset.  Click Return or Enter to erase the text fields (empty the boxes) above. 
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