Agreement Summary  Noun (Nominal) Phrases



cement handprints

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Noun Forms (Singular – Plural)

A private jet

jet  (noun)

A private jet (noun phrase)





A jet landing

Our plane arrived at noon. (verb form)

The arrival of our plane was at noon. (noun form)

We departed on time. (verb form)

Our departure was on time. (noun form)

Our landing was on time. (noun form)





Two apples were swinging on a high branch.

Two tomatoes were on the plant.

Two leaves were on the ground.

Two roofs blew away.



Two cacti were along side of the highway.

Two deer stood by the road.

Two indices were incomplete.

Two formulas were used.

The dat were received.

All the fishes in the sea ...

The mothers-in-law were chatting.


We watched the passers-by.

He earned As and Bs.

We watch the 747s take off.

Send me cc's and bcc's of your messages.

Accommodation has two c's and two m's.

Eating cakes and cookies are no-no's.



 One auto is on top of the other auto.  The (auto) _____ are very different in size.


Wakes up early 

Simon get up at 6 a.m. everyday.




A sheep is walking on the road.
Two sheep are walking on the road.

The news is good today!
Mathematics is an important course.
The measles is a serious disease.

The police are at the door.
The cattle are coming in from the pasture.

Twenty minutes is a short time.
These twenty minutes are passing slowly

Count / Noncount Nouns


  hairstrands of hair

My hair is clean.

Some blond hairs are on your jacket.



 She had a computer, printer, fax and scanner.

She had a lot of equipment.



I use my laptop all day.  I look up general information and  (detail / details) ____ . 

I have learned a lot of (vocabulary/ vocabularies) ____.


Determiners and Quantifiers


 phone friends

A friend called. / *Friend called. 
Friends called.

This / that friend called.
These / those / some / three friends called. 

A hair is on your sweater.
Hair makes a guy look young.  


kid at desk with hand raised 

Each of the kids knows the answer.

Most of the kids know the answer.
Most of the class knows the answer.

A number of kids know the answer.
The number of kids is ten.



I'd like some tea.
I didn't get any tea.

Would you like some / any tea?

I doubt that there are any oranges here.
Not one of the shops has any tea.
I don't think that any oranges are left.

—What kind of tea is it? 
—I don't know… some tea he bought last week.



Not many good snacks are in the refrigerator.
Not much junk food is in the refrigerator.

Are there many good snacks in the refrigerator?
Is there much junk food in the refrigerator?

There are many good snacks in the refrigerator. (ok)
There is much food in the refrigerator. (awkward)


Glass half empty 

I have little water in my glass.
I have a little water in my glass.

I have few friends.
I have a few friends.

a sack of rice 

We bought a sack, a bag, a box of rice.

I'd like a glass, a bottle, a gallon, a liter of milk.

We bought a stalk of celery, a spear of asparagus, a head of lettuce, a wheel of cheese, an ear of corn, a cube of ice, a bar of chocolate.

 a pork chop, a beef steak, a roast lamb, a leg of lamb, a ham   

Beef comes from a steer. Veal comes from a calf.


Pronouns – Pronoun Summary


Sentence and Paragraph Agreement


Tom work at a grocery store.

Every day, he arrive early to do his chore.



rope [s]

robes  [z]



 monkey emerging from bananas

At least three quarters of the monkeys – in the zoo – suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

The monkey  – under the bananas – is hiding.
The monkeys  – under the bananas – are hiding.

Jean Muffins 

Fashions come and go. * Everyone have problems balancing comfort with fashion.






*When my mother was child, she lived in small town.


scuba diver 

 *My family enjoy scuba-diving, so nearly every school vacation, we go on a diving trip.



 pumping gas

 Thirty million barrels of oil is "a drop in the bucket" compared to U.S. demand.





If one of the (baby) _____  (cry) _____  call one of the (nurse)___.