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Summary of Practices



Adj / Modifier Diagnostic: identify specific English grammar points that need review:

persian cat

Quiz 1: beginning–intermediate

Quiz 2: intermediate–advanced

An Adjective: recognize how it can function in a clause

Intermediate–Advanced ESL, Native Speakers


Red leaves are falling.  (attributive)

We saw something red. (post-position!)

The leaves are red.   (predicative)

Fall turns the leaves red(predicative)

Adjective Suffixes: form adjectives from other word forms

Intermediate–Advanced ESL, Native Speakers

evening sky

It was a spectacle.

It was spectacular.

It was a spectacular sky.

It was an awesome / awful sight.

It was an historic / historical night.

Adjective Order: put adjectives into natural sounding word order

Beginning–Intermediate ESL

Big purple paisley cat

 I drew a pretty, little, purple-and-pink paisley pussycat.

Be + Adj Complement: express qualities and characteristics after be ("ascriptive be")

Beginning–Intermediate ESL

a sleepwalker

He is tired.

He seems tired.

He appears tired.

 (No action involved.)

Adjective w/ Prep: describing emotional reactions 

Int–Advanced ESL


Jason is anxious about his future.

He would like to be independent of his parents.

He is good at many things.

He is optimistic about his future.

Resultative Adjectives: indicate the resulting state of an action taken  ("Adjective as Complement" / "Object Complement")

Beginning–Intermediate ESL

car being fixed

Larry washed the car clean

Larry wiped the car dry

Larry pushed the door open.


She wants her car cleaned(service) 

She wants her car clean(target state) She found her car clean.  (unexpected state)

Modifiers to Adj: indicate how much or what degree of modification

Beginning–Intermediate ESL


The basketball player is nine feet tall. (plural)

He can place a ball in a basket ball hoop ten feet high.

He sleeps in a bed that is nine and a half feet long.

He is extremely tall.

Adverbs for Degree: express the intensity of an action —how much?

(Intermediate–Advanced ESL, Native Speakers

A big talker

He talks excessively. (verb) 

He talks extremely fast. (Adv) 

He is rather talkative. (Adj)


He literally doesn't stop talking. (adv. degree) 

He translated the text literally. (adv. manner) 

Word Forms: noun, verb, adjective, adverb

Beginning – Advanced ESL, native speakers


The singer had imagination.

He imagined.

His writing was imaginative.

He used words imaginatively.

The singer sang about social revolution.

He revolted.

*His writing was revolting.

*He used words revoltingly.